Burning For You (#Wattys2015)

Burning For You (#Wattys2015)

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Winter is Coming By Bloxiegirl123 Completed

Kidnaped, tested on, and thrown into a dungeon to rot, a fifteen year old Mitchell Hughes must try to escape Herobrine, The devil himself. 

He has been capturing kids between the ages of ten and eighteen to experiment on them for many years now, searching for the perfect soldier.

Alone and afraid, Mitch sits in the corner of his cell, thinking of home. Will he ever escape?

A quick thanks to the fantastic @Falloutfandoms for making the cover and @fangirler816 for helping me write this!

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*The thought of the man with the blinding eyes asking you your name even after he just said it fills you with determination*
yaoigirlpureheat345 yaoigirlpureheat345 Oct 06, 2016
*The man trying to take you away fills you with determination*
TheDiamondStreak TheDiamondStreak Dec 29, 2016
*Just at looking at the mans glowing eyes fills you with determination*
CurseOfTheEnder CurseOfTheEnder Sep 09, 2015
New line for the speech.
                              Sentence before speech can be placed with previous paragraph.
CurseOfTheEnder CurseOfTheEnder Aug 02, 2015
The pain grew intensely, until with one last shriek, I succumbed to the beckoning darkness, limply relaxing against the cold metal table.
                              (The previous line of speech is included with this one. I still really like this sentence of yours. X3.)
CurseOfTheEnder CurseOfTheEnder Aug 02, 2015
This can be in a paragraph with the fire description thingy.