The Lycan's Slave

The Lycan's Slave

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The Red Moon pack, the most feared in the land.
Titus, the leader, people whisper his name
Dare not to obey him; be cautious they say
You could be happy, then it's all torn away.
For this Lycan will bruise you. Abuse you. And break you.

Every year in the feared Red Moon Pack, there is a grand ball that invites everybody in the kingdom, for both human and werewolf. One may think it is a joyful occasion, that is, until the new slaves are collected. 

Fifteen of the most beautiful human girls in the kingdom, are stolen from their families, as slaves for the wealthy and powerful. Slaves for people like Titus, the Lycan. When Lilly-May, a young woman with a dark past, is caught and is bought by the fearless Lycan, everything complicates. With the number of rogue attacks increasing day by day and suspicious characters entering Lilly-May's world, things cannot become any more terrifying.
   Problems arise.
   Stories untangle themselves.
   True friendships are revealed. 
   Danger takes a turn for the worst. 
   And people bare their battle scars and true feelings for love.

This is a Werewolf Love Story. Updating every FRIDAY / SATURDAY / SUNDAY

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