UsUk Yaoi Smut : Love Sick

UsUk Yaoi Smut : Love Sick

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Iggy_san By Iggy_san Updated Jan 09

              ---  Alfred's POV ---

       It was Saturday in the morning, Alfred was thinking about visiting the british guy, in other words, Arthur James Kirkland. He was in his room, just having his pants on and apparently just laying down on his bedroom.

The American scratched his head and stood up to walk over to his closet, opening the closet's door, grabbing his shirt, putting it on, and of course he put on his jacket. He grabbed his phone after, and went out of his room,  closing the door. Then the American went out of his house, walking to the British's house nearby. 

After a few minutes of walking going over to the British's house, the American glanced at the gate. Then pushed it lightly, with the gates opening. The American went in quietly and went infront of the front door. He bit on his bottom lip, feeling slightly nervous while knocking on the door. But no one answered, he knocked again, wondering why the British isn't opening the door.

"Hm, does he even hear my knock...

- - Sep 06
I feel like me, bring Italy had just turned into France for a little bit.
- - Sep 06
Agghhhhhhhhhhh I love this ship but Agghhhhhhhhhhh..... 0///0
You mean he raised 6 brows? I mean, he approximately have 12 brows
GlitchyPix GlitchyPix Aug 27
*cringe* Iggy just turned into Doge...I'd be more annoyed by that if he didn't have Shiba Unu eyebrows
Ran_9113 Ran_9113 Oct 08
I still wonder why are they called french fries. They're not even french.
GlitchyPix GlitchyPix Aug 28
...either they're secretly invading Canada's house and he's just invisible to two and just watching or he stole the maple syrup...or he was given some...I like my first theory