I Am Falling For You #RBLS

I Am Falling For You #RBLS

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Of all, how could I have fallen for my friend's boyfriend. I should have been more careful. All this had happened because of my stupidity and the stupid bet I made with my best friend Neha. I should have asked Neha to say her boyfriend's name instead of going for a bet.  If I did that, maybe today I wouldn't be this vulnerable and heart wouldn't be shattered like this.


Aloha a selfless Hyderabadi moves to Chennai to pursue her dream of becoming an Engineer in her dream university. 

Unknowingly to her, she falls in love with her senior. 

Offo!! A routine senior-junior love story 

Everything seems routine right, but there comes the twist in the routine story.
What would happen if Aloha and her best friend Niharika were in love with the same boy? What  would happen if the boy thinks he is in love with one girl, but discovers he actually fall in love with the other?

Aloha's story is full of twist and turns, but did her love made it?

If you want to know more about her, read her love journey.....

Ranjitaanju Ranjitaanju Feb 09
aloha name  itself has so depth meaning happy for editing it and letting us know the meaning:-)
Aloha is really a unique name.. the start was nice let's see wht will happen in her life
                              Good start, but you need to do a bit more work on a hook to get your readers interest. There was lots of telling but no showing, so practice on that a bit more. You are doing well, keep writing :)
RUuBzzZ RUuBzzZ Jul 10
Am going to start reading your 1st book and waiting for you to continue reading mine... plss☺😊
Nidsaf Nidsaf Dec 01, 2015
Hmmm love is a tricky maze....huh may be its according to hw u feel it and make ur relationship
Kimayaa Kimayaa Nov 15, 2015
I have a question. This is Ga Eul and Seo Hyun from Boys Over Flowers. It is! It is right?