Y-you're a what?!? (Ronald Knox x Reader)

Y-you're a what?!? (Ronald Knox x Reader)

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Humanitys_Hottest By Humanitys_Hottest Updated Apr 04, 2015

     Your name was (y/n) and it was a bright and sunny day. It also happened to be your birthday, and to top it all off you were spending it with your best friend, Kana (Kiseijuu/Parasyte reference yaaaaaas). The day couldn't possibly go wrong, right? Wrong.

     It all happened in a blur. It was Winter, and your scarf blew away. Your hands full with your favorite Starbuck's drink and birthday balloons, you couldn't catch it. Of course, without thinking, Kana ran into the street to get it. IDIOT!

     And, OF COURSE, there had to be a stupid pick up truck. It hit her, and they drove off after. They didn't bother to cone out to check on her or anything, the jerks. The crowd left, no one even bothering to call 911. You sat there, at the sidewalk, sobbing. You stood up to leave when you heard a bang behind you.

     Some tall guy with Orange-ey Yellow and Black hair was standing there, with a Red and Black lawn mower. He was mumbling to himself about how he 'needed to hurry or this wou...

Im_Just_Fine Im_Just_Fine Jun 01, 2017
B*tch I don't care who you are as long as your a reaper you don't make a freaking acception!
IsYouCallinMeASinner IsYouCallinMeASinner Sep 02, 2016
*in Markipliers voice* OH! WHO DO UOU THINK YOU ARE, BITCH!?!?!?
Kirba_Superstar Kirba_Superstar Aug 21, 2016
There Cinematic Records! I sunk into Reaper Headquarters. Plus Neko!
SuperNova_Gayness SuperNova_Gayness Jul 27, 2016
Okay... Some dude in my class already learned his lesson with a broken nose and three fingers... What should I do to you now...?
Fujoshi-Shadow- Fujoshi-Shadow- Feb 22, 2017
                              NOW WANT ME SHINAYNAY
                              (People from the other books know ex. @8LeafyNeko8 )
Kyoko_Suzuki Kyoko_Suzuki Dec 21, 2015
I don't like Starbucks...
                              You shouldn't have done that...
                              You could've put (f/d) or something. Just saying.
                              (BTW BEN drowned referece... XD)