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Got7's Girl (GOT7 MARK FANFIC)

Got7's Girl (GOT7 MARK FANFIC)

125K Reads 3.7K Votes 32 Part Story
misshobie By misshobie Completed

Katsumi Kim perceives her dream to become a Kpop idol, but along the way she suffers through rejection, pressure, crazy fans, hectic schedules and love...

sapphire_gem20021215 sapphire_gem20021215 Jul 02, 2016
My life.  Parents ask me "u should be studying and get into a good college....why are u listening to these crap..." and when I brought up the fact that I want to be a trainee for JYP. They say it's useless and won't do me good..... 😒
KodaBear164 KodaBear164 Oct 27, 2016
I mean, plus size models exist too. I kind of wanted to be one, but then I realized I'm not photogenic.
CrystalJung27 CrystalJung27 Aug 20, 2016
Oh i know how hurt she feels. Ive been in this situation before n i still cant get over it
MyPotaeto MyPotaeto Feb 03
I'm fat :( I always feel like I can't be a model. Huh, I guess that's how reality works.
Animeakashi Animeakashi Jul 27, 2016
Same I really want to be a teen model because trust me when I'm like 20 my skin would not be pretty so I really want to be a model and my mom and dad are like heck no because u have to be a doctor to support our famy
jinkeetrbl jinkeetrbl Jul 14, 2016
My grandma wants me to be a doctor or pediatrician and my parents want me to be a doctor but i want to be a trainee for jyp 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃