Alpha Landon | ✔️ (Published)

Alpha Landon | ✔️ (Published)

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Evoke; By Midika Completed



Sequel: Alpha Kaden

"You can't love him, you need someone who you're more compatible with," he insisted. His arms moved suddenly, his palms slamming against the wall beside my head, his arms locked into place.

"You wouldn't know," I gritted out in frustration. Landon sighed, leaning in further till his soft lips pressed against my neck lightly, briefly, making me gasp.

"Trust me, I know exactly who you suit," he whispered.

"Remember the night at your house after dinner?" He asked, his lips leaving soft kisses up to my ear. I shuddered, nodding. He smiled gently against my skin.

"I did want to kiss you."

(Mature content involved, although there are warnings) 


*Book One in the Alpha series*

i lost where i was so i'm starting the series all over again hi
Hey everyone, and ha ^ to all the ppl that read it in the wrong order I almost started with book 3, thank god I didn't ! I feel like I'm being awkward lol. I'm only writing/texting this so I could be the 200th comment so YAAAYY
I started with alpha malic but ppl were talking about kaden so I went to his book and it said this is the first book and so here I am
lilkitten21 lilkitten21 Jul 02
Uh isn't the moon goddess supposed to pick a mate  for u😕
I'm new to this whole were wolf thing and this is my first time reading a were wolf book
Wow. You know it's gonna be a good book when the first author's note is written like that