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Mike x Reader

Mike x Reader

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This is MY FIRST don't kill me for my horrible spelling, grammar or punctuation..okay let's get started...I guess.
Today was the day you have been dreading for the past couple days. Your parents said that you'd have to get a job by today, and if you didn't... Well, they're gonna have to kick you out sooner or later.So with a sigh you get up from your cozy ,warm bed. You got some "normal" looking clothes on. 
Slowly and extremely quietly you rush down the stares carful not to wake your parents. Once down stares, you sprint to the kitchen as if there was no tomorrow. You ate you favorite morning meal. In the silence of your so called 'home', you read the open jobs in the newspaper. While sitting down to enjoy some [favorite morning drink] you spot a job that pays a good amount of money for just sitting there and watching cameras. 
"Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." You mumbled . You took your red sharpie and circle it. Then you keep looking at the...

FarahJordan FarahJordan Nov 01, 2016
(What am i doing with my life) 
                              Me: idk i ask myself the same question every day
Themangledtoy Themangledtoy May 02, 2016
*Starring at the screen* You know what
                              I have no idea
Creepytwinh Creepytwinh Mar 21, 2016
Well, what you're doing with your life is simple. You're spending it wisely in the internet by writing stuff for other people who are spending their lives wisely on the internet.
GoldsberryDiggs GoldsberryDiggs Mar 21, 2016
The picture! It's like Mike is watching me fangirl over Creepypasta and he doesn't care
Lil_Linky Lil_Linky Jun 03, 2016
XD that pic tho! its like "im watchin react to yo cat memes" XD i look at those
lizzieburd lizzieburd Jan 20, 2016
IM NOT ADORABLE BITCH! I still like Mike doe... 😝😶😻