Just One Time (Ziall) - BoyxBoy

Just One Time (Ziall) - BoyxBoy

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Niall's father in rich... very rich, but Niall isn't  happy. He hides everything with a smile or a laugh. He isn't satisfied with his life. His father expects him to be perfect, to be a genius at school, be polite, never be wrong... every mistake Niall does, gets punished. He is expected to do everything he's told, and he does until one day he let's his wish overpower him...

For once he wants to break the rules, and do something he wanted to do in such a long time...

The only thing going through his head is: One night... only once... just one night 

But things somehow go wrong and what is supposed to be one fun night, turns into a row of terrible ones... or not?

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niam7ever niam7ever Jan 04, 2013
This story is amazing!! I think this is the best 1D boyxboy I've read so far! No kidding!
CasuallyCruuel CasuallyCruuel Dec 20, 2012
I feel so bad for Nialler and I just wanna give him a big hug and tell him that he's beautiful!!!!!
excusmacharisma excusmacharisma Dec 10, 2012
OMFG I AM SO IN LOOOVE WITH THIS FIC!! Like no joke :)) Can't wait till the next update
SarahPriscilla SarahPriscilla Dec 04, 2012
i really like the sound of this one!! but i'll go read the other one and comment on that one on which one you should keep going! :)
DebbyC DebbyC Nov 18, 2012
Even though I think you should continue both, I'm a big Ziall shipper, so if I have to choose, definatelly this one...
LamPayning LamPayning Nov 16, 2012
@EpicDawnlight  Hahhah not yet! And i noticed you read the Lirry one as well... opinions?