Devilicious 7 Gangster

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_ Devil Duze_
    " The lucky girl whom you choose to ride with you on your motorcycle,is the same person you want to spend your life with!" 
                       --->D7G RULE # 1
    Meet them !
    Know there rules!
    And take it if you can!!
    Kaede Euriell Tan,a heiress and priestess of Byakko runaway from home after knowing the death of her boyfriend,Xyrus Chen.
    For two years,she manage to live by herself as Kaede Bartlett,a meek and nerd HRM student of Kurluk Univervisty and Hevn,a sexy bar tender of Cassa Bar which is own by her father's bestfriend,Gin Meyerr.
    After two years of sheading tears for Xyrus' death...he meet a guy in a very unpleasant situation which makes her move on from the past....she was being hold-up by him.
    Mean while he knows that,that guy was Raven Scott, one of the member of a very dangerous gang.The Devilicious 7 Gangster named as D7G..Not just a member but the duze to be exact..
    And not just that..his bestfriend is also a member of it.!.
    They said he's a Devil..
    But beyond his devil's facade..Is a broken piece of shit!
    But what if that Shit! that his been going through has a connection to her past?
    Can she still manage to smile,trust  and be the same infront of him if the reason of her 2 years misery is because of him?..
Ilang beses ko na nabasa tong story na to. Maybe 6 times na? Hahahahah. One of the best and my favorite gangster-type story of all! ♥♥♥♥ Ang galing mo!!
start ko sya bnasa  sa ebook kso d pa sya tapus kung cno2x na tnanong ko dito lang pla hehe thanks
hi miss author kailan po ulit UD nung story.. medyo bitin po kasi ehh
i super love this story !!!!!!!!!!!there so ASTIG!!!!!!!!!nakakaloka..
wahhh!!! i love this too!! hope it will completed soon!!!  :3 :3
Kaede .. Priestess of Byakko ... Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden?!? O.O