Dakota's Pride

Dakota's Pride

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Kat By katmadison Updated Apr 06

Dakota finds Hannah on one of his missions and sees the way she fights off her
attacker even though there’s no hope of her winning. Still her spirit impresses
him and her suffering touches his heart. He takes her under his protection and
what starts off as admiration and respect develops into something much deeper
and dangerous for the assassin and forces him to experience new intense
emotions he struggles with. 

Dakota scares Hannah and turns her on at the same time. He’s dangerous, probably the
most dangerous of all the assassins next to Ebony and Silas and she’s falling
for him fast and hard, even when she thinks he could never truly love her.
She’s damaged and doubts she can ever get better and Dakota is an assassin whose
calm, cool demeanor comes unravel whenever she’s in his presence. Perhaps the
extremely protective, extremely possessive assassin is exactly what she needs
to heal or perhaps he’s holding her back.

From the novel “His Best Kept Secret” comes the first sequel of the assassins starting with our favorite Native American, Dakota, finding true love.

God i really love this story and its only the second chapter.
CrazyFJ CrazyFJ Jun 24
Yaaaaassss Dakota!!!🙌🏽 this is bringing back so many memories of when I used to read the older books about Silas and his group and when Dakota sliced the scalp of a bad guy.
alexander2583 alexander2583 7 days ago
You've been hit by
                              You've been struck by
                              A smooth criminal... Yes You have.
Tera101 Tera101 Jan 29
Your a great writer pweeeez don't give up on this story I know you'll do great with it and your others.
flying_wingzz flying_wingzz Jun 29, 2015
Oh dang.  Tell me why I didn't realise this was a spin off to His best Kept Secret right ? Or was it Kept ? I can't remember I read them so long ago.  Whichever one had Ebony my twin.  lol.
chan711 chan711 May 17, 2015
I can imagine her tryna sneak out the bed and him catching her