Good morning Miss Avery

Good morning Miss Avery

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Cole By KingColey5 Updated Nov 12

I stared at her silver eyes, taking in the color of her soft pink lips. I couldn't help imagine her lips against mine, or the feeling of her soft fingers caressing my skin. 
"Dani?" I was cut out of my thought own thoughts with the echo of her angelic voice. 
"See me after class."
Ah, hell. This was the second time this week. I couldn't stand it. Holding me after class, teasing me. 

Once the class bell rang, I found myself not worrying to get out of me desk. 
"You know, it might be easier to get through senior English and creative writing if you didn't have to go home and see me there as well." She smirked devilishly at me forcing me to roll my eyes. 

"Pay attention in class more Dani."

I dismissed myself from her class as I made my way home. 

This is something perverts would kill for, their hot English teacher to also be their roommate. But I couldn't stand it, because I found myself actually having feelings for her.

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Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski Dec 29, 2016
If the Diner is near a school, the busiest times are between the time they get out and 3-4ish hours after. I know because we get hungry. We are hungry teens.
TheFostersStefena TheFostersStefena Aug 15, 2016
Dude. I'm astonished. Your character Courtney describes me perfectly, and let's not forget to mention that my name is Courtney as well! For the rest of the book, I'm going to pretend I'm your character Courtney.
Also the "packed up truck" - pick. 
                              I'm laughing my ass off the person ^ correcting you. 😆Guess I know what they commented further on.
kink__ kink__ Oct 18, 2015
Something new. I love it but I'm keeping myself in check if however the waves were soon too big for me to handle
sr_nhv sr_nhv Feb 11, 2015
Finally u updated.. It was short but better than nothing.. Great job hope to see more ^^
sr_nhv sr_nhv Jan 27, 2015
Nice beginning.. Hope u continue with this one.. U got me curious about it already..