A New Toy (an ereri fanfic)

A New Toy (an ereri fanfic)

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Eren, is a normal junior in high school with his adopted sister Mikasa, and his best friend Armin. One night, Eren had a weird dream. With a mysterious man in it. Eren ignores the scary feeling he gets whenever he now sees this man. 
Levi, is a demon who now attends high school, wants a special toy. And that special toy is Eren. When Levi captures Eren, what will happen to him? Will Eren love Levi back? Or will he become a slave against his will? And what will happen when Levi's past comes but haunts Eren? 

There will be lots of fluff and yaoi. I warn you! 

I do not own AoT or its characters. And all the pictures I find will get credit. 

Yaoi coming soon, I promise.

Marco is actually tougher than he looks, he wasn't in the survey corps for fucks sake and jean used to listen to him
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 13
"I was so terribly ugly that when he looked at me...he died"
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 13
Reindeer and birdcult 
                              I no joke thought that was their name until my friend pointed that out....
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 13
🎶making my way downtown🎶
                              🎶wit mah bish🎶
                              🎶he's/she's gonna make me a sandwich🎶
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Yeah BOI
                              L are here I think we found something you might like
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I would make a Marco joke but only about half of us would be okay with that and plus Marco is sorta sad cause he got 50% on his test he only got half marks cause English isn't his best subject
                              I have no regrets....