A New Toy (an ereri fanfic)

A New Toy (an ereri fanfic)

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Eren, is a normal junior in high school with his adopted sister Mikasa, and his best friend Armin. One night, Eren had a weird dream. With a mysterious man in it. Eren ignores the scary feeling he gets whenever he now sees this man. 
Levi, is a demon who now attends high school, wants a special toy. And that special toy is Eren. When Levi captures Eren, what will happen to him? Will Eren love Levi back? Or will he become a slave against his will? And what will happen when Levi's past comes but haunts Eren? 

There will be lots of fluff and yaoi. I warn you! 

I do not own AoT or its characters. And all the pictures I find will get credit. 

Yaoi coming soon, I promise.

Tourment7 Tourment7 Nov 10
I'm a very akward person especially in elevators. Even by myself.😐
Someone at my school brought a potato to homecoming as their date
Amphritite Amphritite Sep 15
It was only just a dream~
                              Travel back
                              Down that road
                              We should come back
                              No one knows
                              I REALIZE
                              It was only just a dream~
Tourment7 Tourment7 Nov 10
                              I freakin love this song
Mikki__Rose Mikki__Rose 2 days ago
My bus was silent, then I yelled what is it eren. Now everyone is looking at me like wtf
I feel like this is the only straight ship in the fandom ^^ but i love it tho❤❤