Alfýkin (The Last of the Elves)

Alfýkin (The Last of the Elves)

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Illeandir Naharia Alfýkin By Illeandir Updated Nov 04

On Hold

It's been nigh on two hundred fifty years since the destruction of the Ring and peace thrives in Middle Earth. Men, dwarves, elves, and hobbits live side by side in harmony, or do they?

The Elves disappeared from Middle Earth nearly two-hundred years ago and no one knows where they went. All they know is that one day they all vanished.

Except for one.

Illeandir; The Last Elf, has searched Middle Earth for two-hundred-fifty years, ever since a deadly attack that began everything. He scours the land for a single scroll that holds the location of the lost Elves. But that too, is lost. 

With no idea where to begin looking, Illeandir visits an old friend who may have a clue to where the scroll is. Persued by orcs and goblins, who will stop at nothing to kill him, he makes his way to Gondor where he discovers the scroll doesn't exist. 

The hiding place of the Elves is a long kept secret by an elf long dead. But visions tell Illeandir otherwise; to revisit a past he'd rather forget.

This is my kind of book! Action right off the bat and a mysterious bad to the bone protagonist!
This was awesome.  Fantastic job.  Great description and action packed!