Dark Chemistry

Dark Chemistry

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SammiBoooo By SammiBoooo Updated Jan 10

Storm Ajax Xerxes. 

Just the mention of his name could scare an army away. 

He's known all over the world for his ruthless killings and cruel ways. 

No one dare enter his territory knowing what he does to trespassers. 

Even the alpha king is afraid of him. 

But when i accidentally enter his territory, he utters one word that has me running back home. 


How about i give you a scooby snack in exchange or a poptart whatever works
Skylar6908 Skylar6908 May 18
a piece of hair and the shadow of that hair makes him look like he has one of those french mustache
I'm gonna monitor you like the good satyr I am and BRING YOU TO CAMP HALF BLOOF when you're ready
But didn't you already tell the kids she was, a little late now unless you wanna be known for lying to the kids.
NeonyWolf NeonyWolf Jun 16
Middle fingers up !🎶
                              Tell him 🎶
                              Boi bye 🎶
                              Tell him 🎶
                              Boi bye 🎶