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Of Different Waters

Of Different Waters

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TransientGuest By TransientGuest Completed

When Ronan was thirteen and started giving people electrical shocks whenever he touched them, he asked his mom why it was happening. She immediately answered static electricity. When he tried to explain that he knew it wasn't static she changed her story saying instead that his father used him as a lightning rod during a bad storm and he happened to be hit by a strong bolt.
And for some reason he believed that story...
Now... nine years later, he's found he can do more than shock people.  He can talk to fish.  He thought about asking his mother how something like that could be possible, but he doesn't think he'd get a straight answer.  He's beginning to think she's keeping something from him.

MaLynn__ MaLynn__ Jun 12
First off sir you should know something is different about you if you where born with blue frickin hair
I can relate to having colored hair and being thought of as a no good punk. 
                              People fear me and my purple hair. 
                              And ripped jeans. 
                              And leather fingerless gloves. 
                              And hot topic everything. 
                              Ohh I get it now.
Jafarrisnotgay Jafarrisnotgay Oct 13, 2016
I literally just facepalmed thank god people didn't see that
I feel like it's me they're describing.... I'm not short , not tall, I'm not smart and I'm always eating
_littleboylou _littleboylou Nov 19, 2016
ugh why'd this have to be in third person. I might still read lol it looks good so far.
Heh- ferret, you should get a white one. Their very rare. 😄 get it? No? Okay then...😅