The Billionaire Badboy (UNEDITED)

The Billionaire Badboy (UNEDITED)

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He pinned me to the wall with his broad chest and muscular body, his cologne intoxicating my mind, his blue/green eyes staring at my soul. 

"Y-You're...wrong" I breathe out.

He let out a low chuckle then leaned forward and kissed my neck, I let out a small moan "Oh? Is that so...Ginger?" 

"Well...let me show you how Bad...I can be"

Angelo Rossi son of Angel Rossi Billionaire of Rossi Co. Despised being a shadow of his Goody-Two-Shoes twin sister Angela Rossi, What made it worst is everyone is expecting him to change his Badboy ways to take over Rossi Co. If nobody can change his ways who could? Maybe Daniella Anderson, West Wood High's top Nerd? 

You know what they say opposites attract...more or less. 
Just call them Beauty And The Beast.

"Wheres my glasses? I cant see without my glasses" velma 😂😂 and me
DAMN, if only!! Maybe then she can solve the mystery to why you're so obnoxious and rude
ZaurielleMays ZaurielleMays 6 days ago
And tell the cops that I did it and would do it again if I had to
This month?!?!? My mother would kill me if it was 8times in 3yrs
In 3rd grade this girl peed in her self and blamed me saying i was bulling her
He probably smells like cherries, considering how many he's popped