Limit - Danny Phantom

Limit - Danny Phantom

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Sometimes, everything gets too much. Even Danny Phantom has a limit... What happens when Mr Lancer notices the blood on our favourite halfa's sleeve?


Saux_The_Dragon Saux_The_Dragon Apr 04, 2016
Every time he appears I just sigh, and walk away. It's much better just to let Boxy chill.
FanGalXX132 FanGalXX132 Dec 18, 2016
I know that feeling. It's always super awkward and entirely unhelpful
CDC2003 CDC2003 Aug 19, 2016
*Sigh*Gosh.Is he that paranoid? Oh. Not you Danny. I was talking about Mr.Lancer. Oh come on are you even trying,SERIOUSLY?!!! Mr.Lancer,please do better!!!!😑Are you being bullied? Which year are living in?The 1980's? Man your late...Or Stupid....REALLY STUPID!!!!!!
DannyPhantomPhandom DannyPhantomPhandom Jun 14, 2016
Danny, next time Boxy comes just leave him. Let your Lancer handle it... I think it won't be too bad.
forcefeeding forcefeeding Jun 14, 2016
Naw.. Antiseptic would hurt more. I cut myself before.. Then antiseptic.. Way worse
CDC2003 CDC2003 Aug 19, 2016
Hold on,he's sixteen in this story. At first I thought you didn't know his age but the theme song and the line:"Yo Danny Fenton,he was just fourteen...."then I said and be like,NAH!!!!! and I just shrugged it off,so yeah. P.S. I'm not against your story, I love it!!!!