Limit - Danny Phantom

Limit - Danny Phantom

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Sometimes, everything gets too much. Even Danny Phantom has a limit... What happens when Mr Lancer notices the blood on our favourite halfa's sleeve?


Every time he appears I just sigh, and walk away. It's much better just to let Boxy chill.
CDC2003 CDC2003 Aug 19
*Sigh*Gosh.Is he that paranoid? Oh. Not you Danny. I was talking about Mr.Lancer. Oh come on are you even trying,SERIOUSLY?!!! Mr.Lancer,please do better!!!!😑Are you being bullied? Which year are living in?The 1980's? Man your late...Or Stupid....REALLY STUPID!!!!!!
Danny, next time Boxy comes just leave him. Let your Lancer handle it... I think it won't be too bad.
Naw.. Antiseptic would hurt more. I cut myself before.. Then antiseptic.. Way worse
CDC2003 CDC2003 Aug 19
Hold on,he's sixteen in this story. At first I thought you didn't know his age but the theme song and the line:"Yo Danny Fenton,he was just fourteen...."then I said and be like,NAH!!!!! and I just shrugged it off,so yeah. P.S. I'm not against your story, I love it!!!!
Sylva12 Sylva12 Apr 03
The antiseptic would barely hurt compared to cutting yourself