Forced To Be Married   (BTS Fanfic / Rapmon FF)

Forced To Be Married (BTS Fanfic / Rapmon FF)

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Forced to be Married! 

They just had to ruin it! Parents right. Life was so great until my 18th birthday rolled around. Why you might ask? Well considering the part where I had to get married, to a guy of their choosing was left out somewhere. How am I suppose to just marry a guy I just met. Oh, wait they left another part out too. I had to get married with in 6 months of the contract. Wait a second did I just say contract! Well there goes my life!


Aw man... so close... I want to get down with mon-mon already
you know what he did in the bathroom (: the pervert couldn't handle it
SaunStories SaunStories Jun 28
I protect my abs with a layer of fat. It's a very thick layer.
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I was thinking of like a variety of assorted plants out for eating. "The Garden Buffet" Thats what came to mind I guess😂
Honestly BTS is the only reason I'm top of my class. Anything less and I lose all electronics.
idkqueen1 idkqueen1 Apr 30
I didn't even finish the first 2 paragraphs... I already am in LOVE with this book