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Clara Nichols By AnimalsBook Updated Mar 18, 2017

Clara Nichols has been on the run ever since she witnessed her sister's murder four years ago. Forced to do whatever it takes to survive, she's haunted by a painful past and an uncertain future. 

Tired of running, she tries to return to a place that once felt like home. That's her first mistake. Her second? Sticking around long enough to bump into Tiberius Lyons, a man with bigger problems than an ignorant human wandering around his territory. That is, until he catches her scent.

Unfortunately for Tiberius, Clara doesn't have time to worry about a clingy werewolf who claims to be her soulmate. When girls start turning up dead, she knows it's only a matter of time before they come for her, too. She's left with a decision to make: face her pursuers head on, or do what she does best...



"Why am I here?" I repeat, not appreciating his current train of thought.

He doesn't seem to notice. "Maybe it'll be easier if I just-" he sucks in a deep breath and his pupils dilate once more. His eyes gain their familiar feral glare, and his fingers grow short and beefy, claws extending where there were once nails. His canines elongate, finishing off the monstrous look.

Tiberius steps closer, locking me against the chair before I have even the chance to escape. My heartbeat echoes in my ears and my breathing is harsh. He inhales deeply, shoving his face into the crook of my neck. I freeze, before looking around the room with a growing sense of panic as I feel his sharp incisors against the flesh of my neck.


cover by @chaosinspace

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CoconutBoots CoconutBoots Apr 17, 2017
I like that she's a character in need of inhalers. She's humanized by it
SupersuMC SupersuMC Nov 17, 2017
Either she's lying, or she's autistic *and* lying. (We know she's lying, but autism, especially Asperger's, can inhibit the ability to look someone in the eye.)
- - Aug 28, 2017
🎶I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay I sleep all night and I work all day🎶
Me: You Go Girl! 👏😂👏😂👏😂👏😂
                              Darky: Your Probably Going To Regret That Later 😏😏😏
Pegasus261001 Pegasus261001 Nov 18, 2017
I belong in my palace in the Unicorn kingdom as its warrior queen but im not
I choose you Jon cos you're not going to latch your teeth into my neck