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Clara Nichols By AnimalsBook Updated Mar 28

Clara Nichols has spent years running from invisible enemies.

Tiberius Lyons has bigger problems to deal with than an ignorant human wandering around his territory... That is, until he catches her scent.

It's just too bad for Clara that no one ever told her wolves love a good chase.


"Why am I here?" I repeat, not really appreciating his current train of thought.

He doesn't seem to notice. "Maybe it'll be easier if I just-" he sucks in a deep breath and his pupils dilate once more. His eyes gain their familiar feral glare, and his fingers grow short and beefy, claws extending where there were once nails. His canines elongate, finishing off the monstrous look.

Tiberius steps closer, locking me against the chair before I have even the chance to escape. My heartbeat echoes in my ears and my breathing has grown harsh. He inhales deeply, shoving his face into the crook of my neck. I freeze, looking around the room with a growing sense of panic as I feel his sharp incisors against the flesh of my neck.


A/N- This is a pretty cliche werewolf novel that will eventually shed the cliches and promote all the awesome things (like not treating people like property, falling in love instead of being thrust into it, equality yay) that can sometimes be lacking in other werewolf stories on wattpad. Thanks for reading!

Crazy, I live in a town called Frisco but it's in Texas.😂
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Feb 26, 2015
@animalsbook that's okay!! Just make sure you remember me (your number 1 fan) when you get famous and wealthy from this book!!!! I'll always be a reader of Animals!!!
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@cloudedwithstories also the length of the chapters are really impressive!!!
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Feb 25, 2015
This book is incredibly good already!!!!! I don't know why it isn't in popular!! I hate when I read stories that are so good hut undiscovered and then I read some popular stories with millions of views that are terrible!!!
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I just luv that line, there's no way i'll let myself get seduced by a dog ... haha ... @animalsbook no worries... i luv commenting...
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for a minute there I actually thought she was being seduced by a dog.....XD my bad