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My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

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G NISIAH By nisiah_LAdup Completed

                      Tamiya's POV

 Hi, my names Tamiya, but people call me Glo'. I'm 17 years old. I'm from South Side Englewood, Chicago, Illinois. 

Yes, I'm from the hood.. But I never got into much trouble. 

Let me stop lying to y'all!

I've gotten into LOADS of trouble 'round here!

Well pretty much fighting, cause hoes don't know when to SHUT THE FUCK UP! 

But other than that, I'm a sweet little girl. 

Oh my god! Why I keep lying to y'all?!

Well, the story I'm finna tell y'all is about my first love. His name was Leonard Anderson, but he was known by his rapper name L'A Capone. He was 17 when he died. Swear to god, he was my first love! I loved him! Even when he was being a dickhead I loved him. And when he died.... I just couldn't do it anymore. But now.. I know I have a Guardian Angel ❤

Sooooo... How is it? First time writing a Wattpad story, so tell me if I'm good. Since its my first time writing, I can't stop lml. So, I think ima publish chapter 1 and 2, since this wa...

amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
Ok, well that sounds like a personal problem. Can't really help you there.
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
That made no sense, usually if someone gives you a nickname it has to go with you. Tamiya and Glo have to relation to each other. I could see Tam, or Miya but not no Glo. Anyways, moving on.....
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
Why is this in bold, it's not even that important. It's literally someone yelling at someone. 😒😒😒
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
Da fùck? Don't ever think like that again. It makes you sound weird.
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
There always something to do. You could ride your bike, go shopping, clean your house, invite some friends over, watch t.v, the list goes on.....see your never bored. 😁
amazinglyDomino amazinglyDomino 5 days ago
You're probably the main character, right? Yeah I thought so....