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An abusive Roc Royal story ( mindless behavior)

An abusive Roc Royal story ( mindless behavior)

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Ariel Yates By Qveen_Yates Updated Sep 30, 2014

" ROC STOP YOUR HURTING ME" I screamed but he wouldn't stop. " NO I TOLD YOU TO WAKE ME UP AT 7:00 AND YOU DIDNT. NOW IMMA GIVE YOU YOUR PUNISHMENT." he wouldn't stop hitting me. The more I struggled the harder he punched me. Then he got up and headed towards the door. " My food better be ready when I get home." When he walked out the door I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Wow my face is worst than the last time. Cant beleive he is doing this to me. He was nothing like this when we first met. What happened the the kind and caring Roc I met.

I got a rag and cleaned my face. Under all the blood were black and blue bruises. Why doesn't he go ahead and kill me already. After that I went ahead and cooked his food and went to sleep. A few hours later I heard the front door open. Then I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. It was Roc but he looked kind of sad for some reason. " Ariel im sorry didn't mean to hurt you. Its just I was so upset I couldn't control myself. Im...

micuyla222 micuyla222 Mar 12, 2016
If she was married to him she can't leave him if he commit adultery then she can leave him
missbreezybae missbreezybae Jan 19, 2016
I would of packed my stuff and left his ass when I was done cooking for him.Then I would've  changed my number
Kid_Cash2 Kid_Cash2 Sep 02, 2015
oh so know u wanna stop hitting her roc get tf from her house
lolt123456 lolt123456 Aug 27, 2015
ag bitch dont lie about roc royal or any mb membera nigga you's fake
royalimani royalimani Jun 24, 2015
i wish a nigga would touch me i will do wat madea told that girl to do cook grits make sure its hot throw it on him then hit him with the pan and leave
_cece_legend_143 _cece_legend_143 Feb 22, 2015
man you can go buy your own food I ain't no damn slave..... but he lucky I ain't in the story or it would be a different story......