Sweeter than candy (honey x mori ohshc)

Sweeter than candy (honey x mori ohshc)

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BrendonUries_Forehead By Cute_Little_Darkness Completed

Honey gets sick

Mori helps out

Find out what happens between the two in

'Sweeter than candy'

Lmfao when it said groan and moanings i thought he was beating his meant
When I heard,
                              "...small pained groans came out..."
                              I thought he was doing something else, if you know what I mean  ;)
I was thinking something about something else when mori said 😳
My mind just got perverted... I'm so sorry but it's good at least!
There room is near each other's *wiggles eyebrows* I joking!!
Cute_Little_Darkness Cute_Little_Darkness Apr 15, 2015
@xMinixTissuesx57 I'm working on it! :) thank you for your patience! ❤