Sweeter than candy (honey x mori ohshc)

Sweeter than candy (honey x mori ohshc)

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Honey gets sick

Mori helps out

Find out what happens between the two in

'Sweeter than candy'

Masetexx Masetexx Sep 26, 2017
That took me a minute to remember that Mitsukuni was the older one.
- - Mar 30, 2017
Awwww i think im getting a cavity from all these sweet moments
Mouse58Grace04 Mouse58Grace04 Mar 19, 2017
Wait they live in the same house or is this like a boarding school
PrettyUchiha PrettyUchiha Sep 12, 2016
Lmfao when it said groan and moanings i thought he was beating his meant
- - Jul 04, 2016
When I heard,
                              "...small pained groans came out..."
                              I thought he was doing something else, if you know what I mean  ;)
jefferywoodslover210 jefferywoodslover210 Mar 30, 2016
I was thinking something about something else when mori said 😳