An Echo in The Wind

An Echo in The Wind

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Autumn By ImmortalZombie Updated Nov 03, 2010

Echo is a 16 year old pure blood shifter. Yup, she can change into and animal at anytime. When she meets Aaron, an older shifter, he introduces her to a world she never thought possible, with problems involving jealousy and violence, she finds it hard to keep herself in control nowadays. 

While Echo is having her own problematic life, her best friend, known since birth, Leon, is introduced to a more Dangerous life than Echo. He starts getting random notes and messages from someone watching him. He's forced to join a gang after being threatened by the mysterious person multiple times. 

With problems like this, someones bound to get hurt. Someone important. Whether it be emotional, physical, or even both, one thing is going to lead to another.

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  • fantasy
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  • thriller
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  • werewolf

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