Vampires' Property (Boyxboy Ziall vs. Narry)

Vampires' Property (Boyxboy Ziall vs. Narry)

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🌺 By PrinceHairy Updated Jan 09, 2016

Niall is human. But that doesn't mean he's normal. If anyone knew the truth, they'd think he was insane. He can't blame them though, he knew he must've been insane for doing what he was doing. What choice did he have? He couldn't just let his best friend kill innocent people.

So what was his only logical decision?
Let Zayn feed off of him.
Zayn Malik is a vampire. His roommate Niall is his blood donor, per say. This agreement between them was a mutual decision that's worked out and kept them both alive for years.

But when Zayn brings home three other vampires in need of their help, Niall finds himself drawing nearer to the edge of death.
That's a risk he's willing to take though, once he gets to know Harry and about his dark past. A past that will soon catch up to him when his evil Uncle Paul takes Niall hostage.

(Finishing soon, once done, editing will begin. I started writing this years ago, that's why it starts off badly, hopefully I'll have time to go back and fix that.Enjoy x)

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utubeand1d utubeand1d Jun 03, 2013
Y did u take down the boy who sneaks into my room a night it was so good
PrinceHairy PrinceHairy Feb 12, 2013
@Rachelboyd3 @onedirectionloverhaa @BreanaM_usic4LIFE sorry it took a while, ive been so busy. But i finally updated! xx