Finder's Keeper || Oliver Wood

Finder's Keeper || Oliver Wood

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As a normal student with nothing special about her, Jessica Hawthorne strived to do and be more. Being an only child, having an exceptional Auror as her father, and being related to a professional Quidditch player from Puddlemere United didn't help at all. With her only option being to stay the same, plain, and average person she is, she resorts to watching Quidditch matches and trainings like the fanatic she is and keeping her spot as the top student in her year. This is exactly why she didn't expect the remainder of her time at Hogwarts to be full of the sport she secretly loved, teenage drama, and the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Captain.

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Oliver Wood || Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, & Prisoner of Azkaban

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heytherebro12 heytherebro12 Jul 30, 2016
Oh snap kinda feel like Oliver's gonna find her oh snap (I'm probs wrong but LOLingtons)
heytherebro12 heytherebro12 Jul 30, 2016
Oh snap is Oliver going to find her and think she's slytherin oh snap
heytherebro12 heytherebro12 Jul 30, 2016
I'm #mcdonalds lovin' it (sorry for all the random comments lol)
Kellyyyahhh Kellyyyahhh May 12, 2015
Just saying you might want to re read this chapter because it keeps changing the year she's in.