Unfriended :: 5SOS Horror

Unfriended :: 5SOS Horror

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"All right everyone, hands up right now. Who's doing this?"


5SOS Horror based off of the 2015 film, Unfriended.

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caprisunwise caprisunwise Jul 25, 2017
                              I'll go home.
bryxnda bryxnda Aug 06, 2017
i'm watching the movie and reading this book, AHAHHA KILL ME
Time_Runs_And_Ticks Time_Runs_And_Ticks Mar 20, 2017
We all already know it was Michael who posted the video why? Because in the movie it was the best friend (the one who was the closest to her) and it said he took it the hardest because he posted the video.
lizapprovedmuke lizapprovedmuke Oct 08, 2017
Am I the only one that didn't watched the movie so I'm confused as hell but I think I'm getting the hang of it
huckleberry__bond huckleberry__bond Jul 23, 2017
It's been a year and like 1 days since girl talks boys came out
ObviouslyEbony ObviouslyEbony Oct 28, 2016
that's a lie, You didn't guess it before, you can talk that_______ But really, You based this on the movie, This was written AFTER