The Secret Agent (1D fanfic)

The Secret Agent (1D fanfic)

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Trisha Parker is just like almost any other teenager, she has been bullied before and she has been called a nerd like a million times already and with a life like that you could say that she's not the confident type of person
Yes, she's a shy person in school, take note IN SCHOOL, but outside of that hideous place, she is someone very different. Okay, I'll get to the point already! She's a secret agent, well training to be a secret agent, and no one knows this except for her parents....
But in order to be a fully pledged agent, she has to successfully complete a mission. Now, her first mission is protecting this boyband "One Direction" from death threats. (which might I mention is a big fan of them ;)
She thinks that it's going to be easy.... but think again....
Will she complete the mission?

Read...and find out for yourself......

A/N Pls read and tell me what you think about it! Don't forget to vote! ;)

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creator1dx creator1dx Jun 27, 2016
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KaliyahForesee KaliyahForesee Jan 19, 2016
I thought there were 12 grades (atlas that is what it is in the US. K, 1-12, then college). I like it so far though.
BloodyBatty BloodyBatty Apr 23, 2015
My favorite part of this chapter had to be Lou's and Zayn's reaction to waking up the rest of the boys all at the same time in separate rooms! Their high five for some reason made me laugh so hard!
Hazza_RoCk Hazza_RoCk Apr 03, 2015
Oh god lol this chapter was funny best way to wake Zayn is to tell him that his mirrors are gone lol
Hazza_RoCk Hazza_RoCk Apr 03, 2015
Wow nice starter I wonder what will happen next!!!!!!!!!!! But for that I have to read the next chapter
celiniacelinmalik celiniacelinmalik Mar 15, 2015
So this is your first story?? I really love and it doesn't sound at all like your first (y)