The Love Dodecagon

The Love Dodecagon

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NOT your ordinary love triangle.
(Basically me making fun of all these typical romances; it exploits most areas of typical romances, such as: One Direction, Brother's best friend and the Mary-Sue type of girl) Well, I guess we'll start with a typical description then!

EMILIAH. When she meets the boy (with the hair) of her dreams, her world turns upside-down. She is also our story's ultimate protag hah.

LARS. The most popular boy in the school. His life gets wrecked after a series of fateful events (which you probably don't care about).

FINNLEY. Lars' nerdy friend who's in love with his pet rock. He has epic hair.

ZANDAYA. Wants to be like her role model, LARS.

CELINE. A girl who pretends to be French because she has a French name.

FRAN. The most annoying person on earth.

LEON. Celine's long lost twin who finds out a bunch of unexpected things that you don't know (yet).

LINK. The Hero of Time.

GINA. The biggest troll in the school. Goes by the nickname of WindWaker

FusedShadow. The only sane person in this story. Pretends not to like Gwaine although she secretly does. 

HARRY STYLES - Because all romances have 1D in them. 

GWAINE. Sir Leon's best friend who is in love with himself.

UR MOM. Just kidding. (< Not part of the love dodecagon)

What will ensue with the fate of these twelve fateful people? Only time will tell. Read on to find out more and prepare to be moved to tears by this heartbreakingly painfully bad story.