SIN (b/b)

SIN (b/b)

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mythmouth By mythmouth Updated Mar 25, 2016

Cyric's eyes are black and unsteady as his attention shifts, a slow drag from my double-knotted tennis shoes to the collar of my sweater. 

He's watching my pulse-- can undoubtedly hear my heart thundering against my ribs like a trapped bee. If someone asked me to pinpoint the sensation of fear, I'd tell them it felt like ice slipping down your back, the way you hunch your shoulders to make yourself feel smaller-- the way a fawn must feel in the wake of an approaching wolf. 

It's the way you feel around him.


AceStrek AceStrek Mar 15, 2016
Is there going to be a cast list? Doesn't really matter but damn I envy your writing skills
WeKnowNoBoundaries WeKnowNoBoundaries Apr 06, 2016
This is why I claim that we are all stupid. I have only met maybe one or two truly wise younglings of the human race in my life
nivu2912 nivu2912 Jun 09, 2016
I heard somewhere that if your ring finger is longer than your index, then you're gay 😂😂 It's obviously not true and completely made up but I couldn't help but think of it while reading this part 😂😂
Foreversterekwolf Foreversterekwolf Mar 25, 2016
I am liking this story too. You are such a talented writer. Thank you so much.
intothatstuff intothatstuff Mar 14, 2016
Wow that may be one of the best things I've ever read. QUOTING
yourdirtylaundry yourdirtylaundry Dec 17, 2015
Nightshade is poisonous to humans too, it's a pretty berry tho