Born to Kill

Born to Kill

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Alexis Gray is a killer. Known infamously as Red Death, she has death held at her fingertips. Her style is bloody, bold, and merciless with no room for imperfections. Her heart has long turned cold by a perfect murder record. She's the best at it all. 

She's a friend. Apart from being an internationally infamous killer, she balances a normal life. Her work rests on loyalty-and money-but when you betray a teenage girl with a high tendency to kill-all hell breaks loose. 

She's a runaway. Compromised and hunted down by the nations most wanted gangs, she finds herself in a blood bath. Tricks, lies, and deceit come along. But something else surfaces-something she didn't expect-her heart. 

Murder is an art form and she has it mastered. In a life of running and murder, there's only one thing left to do-kill or love? 

1 Girl. 4 Boys. Pick a target.

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Warning: may contain graphic descriptions of murder. 

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