Born to Kill

Born to Kill

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A killer. Known infamously as Red Death, she has death held at her fingertips. Her style is bloody, bold, and merciless with no room for imperfections. Her heart long turned cold by a perfect murder record. She's the best at it all. 

A friend. Apart from being an internationally infamous killer, she balances a normal life. Her work rests on loyalty-and money-but when you betray a teenage girl with a high tendency to kill-all hell breaks loose. 

A runaway. Compromised and hunted down by the nations most wanted gangs, she finds herself in a blood bath. Tricks, lies, and deceit come along. But something else surfaces-something she didn't expect-her heart. 

Murder is an art form and she has it mastered. In a life of running and murder, there's only one thing left to do-kill or love? 

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Warning: contains graphic descriptions of murder. 

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MarreeD MarreeD Jan 08
'He', technically, referred to his gender, so unless you cut his little friend off, he still has the right to that title.
Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Jul 29, 2016
Dude I may or may NOT tear up a bit when I get a paper cuts & here she is pouring alcohol on his cuts! 😶✌🏼️
ENB070 ENB070 Aug 27, 2016
I like the book already. I was wondering though if you could put it in 1st pov sometime? I think it would be cool. You don't have to though. Anyway great book
username111112 username111112 Sep 21, 2016
prvncessrose prvncessrose Jul 05, 2016
Damn how do you look cute, I need some lessons man cause I look like q potato most of the time
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
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                               i would like to get to know you