Kidnapping Zayn Malik: Mission Impossible ➳ Ziam AU

Kidnapping Zayn Malik: Mission Impossible ➳ Ziam AU

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When you're a Youtube famous singer, that goes by the name Zayn Malik, it's hard to get away from all the fame and fuss or even the odd fan shouting your name, it seems like almost everyone wants you.

But when someone actually gets you, and you're taken away from all of your comfort zones, forced into doing horrible tasks, and cry yourself to sleep practically every night, it's like a miracle when a certain boy with soft brown eyes, called Liam Payne, who is actually in on the sick 'joke' that is kidnapping you, attempts to get closer to you.

But can Zayn trust Liam? After all, Liam is part of the reason that he is being kidnapped, But what if there's more behind Liam, and he has a reason to be a part of it? And most importantly, what if Liam can save Zayn?

Zaynie boy I love u but that is the most stupidest thing to motherducking do
Damn zayn back at it again with the black vans😹😹😹..I'm sorry I had to
i hate when little kids witness a death and kinda.. blame themselves? ):
Nothing4 Nothing4 Nov 05
Oh god this made me cry and i need to study but yeah more chapters then
KiSteven KiSteven Sep 29, 2015
when you realise you have school tomorrow rite now dats hiw I feel