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Forced To Marry My Demon Lover (Preview)

Forced To Marry My Demon Lover (Preview)

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Sheen Spender By She_Writes Completed

Rewrite published as "DECEIVED - #1 Demented Series"

  "Come here." He ordered me. I wobbled towards him. His mesmerising blues had me fixed in a spell. He had me hexed and I just couldn't resist. His tall frame at its peak as he stood there in his domineering stance, something that had me needy all the time.
  His left arm went around my waist and his right hand wrapped around my hair pulling my head to the side. His nose skimmed over the sensitive skin of my neck and I whimpered. I was breathing heavy now and he looked as calm as always.  
  "How hard was it for you? To marry me?" His tone left no room for arguments as he nibbled his way up my neck to my jaw. 
  "I.. I" I was too engrossed in the cloud of sensuality surrounding me. He jerked my head up, making me look into his eyes and I was lost, again. His gaze went all over my face, flitting from my eyes to my nose to my lips and they lingered there forever. 
  "You're so beautiful.. I can't bare it any more. I want you and I get what I want.." He literally growled and my knees buckled under me as his voice hit my core.
  "Get on the bed." His dominant frame stood taller than me and his husky voice sent shivers down my spine. "Get on the bed right now Ana." He said softer and I obeyed laying on the bed, flat on my back. He crawled over me, hovering above my body taking me in. 
  "You don't know how long I have waited for this."..... Just like that his lips were on mine, taking away everything from me, my mind, my soul, my body and most importantly my sanity and I, I gave it to him, gave it all to him..
  It's not every day that a man you've never seen in your life before walks up to you and asks you to marry him. It happened with me and since that bizarre afternoon I've never lived a normal life again as I was Forced To Marry My Demon Lover and then taken away from my sanity as love came around and knocked me out..
  Walk with Ana through this lustful affair

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Wonderer14 Wonderer14 Jan 30
You know, had she tried to laugh it off or just think he was kidding would have been more believable than her getting all aggressive and swearing when clearly a min ago she was drooling all over him
Lily_Grant93 Lily_Grant93 Oct 06, 2014
sh!t just have him already! stop fighting the feeling and just do it! :D
TheHeroComplex TheHeroComplex Feb 14, 2013
I am so in love with this book! The writing is fantastic and the details are amazing :) I wanna marry Dante haha
annaleakay annaleakay Jan 14, 2013
Woah this is fantastic! The writing is professional and the emotions are played just right, the tumult of emotions felt by your MC and Dante's mysterious allure... ooh it's good.
Bookworm177 Bookworm177 Jan 13, 2013
This is a greatly thought story. I love the descriptions and characters! This is a great start, really well done :D
music_forever music_forever Dec 25, 2012
I would've been freaked out too if a random hot guy asked me to marry him. ;)