School full of trouble (A BTS & GOT7 FanFic)

School full of trouble (A BTS & GOT7 FanFic)

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RecklessCyclone By BTS_vkookjin Updated Apr 20, 2017

A normal Girl who has a normal life and a normal place to live 

Hell yeah, she's Normal, but what if her normal life turn into a full of action, miserable and trouble.

And all of it will happen in a 


With a group of boys who loves trouble.

Pathetic right? 


"How can you be that serious of beating me up? You're just a girl, you will not win against me " he said 

"Well Yeah? How can you be that sure? Yes I'm a girl mister but this I tell you, even a girl can do same thing with men, don't underestimate girls now one question mister, have you beaten by a girl?" She said 

"No, I didn't experience beaten by a girl, I'm strong, I find trouble no one will ever dare to cross my line cause they will experience more than hell and you girl ? I have six words for you. You. Will. Never. Beat me. Ever" he said 

"Then let's  try find out. You might eat what you have said later on cause one thing I'm sure, I will beat you" she said.. 


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*was just fixing the fourth wall before a boulder crashes it* AGAIN?!?
Spycho_Is_Fun Spycho_Is_Fun Jul 26, 2017
That face looks like boobs. *Oops sorry. My mind isn't so innocent anymore. I'm more of a pervert now
Spycho_Is_Fun Spycho_Is_Fun Jul 26, 2017
No my brother beats me up and I do the same. I mostly scare him and he calls me a psycho. I'm gonna make a book called that. go to my reading work lists to read some of my books if you want.
Min_Yoonjin Min_Yoonjin Jan 30, 2017
My name is Rap monster of BTS not ugly monster.Strong power,thank you.
_silverraindrops_ _silverraindrops_ Dec 28, 2015
                              Please correct the spelling once you start editing this story ... I'm not perfectionist tho, please don't misunderstood
chrizzledaulat chrizzledaulat Feb 07, 2015
@BTS_vkookjin Oh haha yeah my bias is mark but they are all wrecker