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iloveasia By iloveasia Updated Sep 27, 2015

Meet Ruby Red a young black girl just trying to make it. She's never known love so she craves affection. With a name like Ruby Red you would expect her to be out going rivaling anyone ,confidence so high it could be misinterpreted as cockiness. Mrs. Red is anything but, she is shy and self conscious she's afraid of offending others so she treads lightly. Ruby is a diamond in the ruff alone, beautiful, vulnerable and a       
mans prey . 

Luciano Azzuro is a Mogul, one of the wealthiest men to grace the planet. He is Gorgeous, Charming, and Italiano. His name rings bells on Wall Street and in Crime Rings. He is the Mafia King, Irish, Germans, Blacks, Spaniards and other groups all look towards him. He is beyond the plug and supplier he is the Boss. Cold hearted, calculated and conceited.

What happens when a flawed gem crosses paths with a cold Italian?

-blackroses -blackroses Mar 01
Don't know why she crying. The bitch gave her daughter up for a man.
Wolfgurl_05 Wolfgurl_05 Jun 23
Her name reminds me of "Fables" Ruby Red... Snow Whites sister
Taneyy Taneyy Mar 20
All of my family have some type of jewel in their names 👏👏
How are 19 year olds a freshman u gon be 19-23 still in highschool
-blackroses -blackroses Mar 01
You need to put the as  speech marks . I don't even know when they speaking. That is the most important thing.
Shiid I would of played that off well aww my spine hurt I think you broke my back🤑