The Singer's Tale (A Naruto FanFiction) | Complete |

The Singer's Tale (A Naruto FanFiction) | Complete |

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Natasha By NataWolf02 Completed

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. She knew it. Yet, she couldn't find a way to prepare herself for the pain she was about to face.

A mysterious new face -- well, voice, appears in Konoha. It is said, that there is a mysterious siren living in the forest close to the village, no one has seen the siren's face, but they sure can hear her. People have called her the Yoru No Sairen, since she only sings at night, where as the ninja have called her Sairen; a shortened version of Yoru No Sairen. Also, people say that they have seen her singing with the souls of dead children before sending them away somewhere, probably to hell.

What happens when Sairen decides to pay a little visit to the Village Hidden in the Leaves? Well, she finds out that it is loud as hell there. 

But, for some reason, she decides to become a ninja. There, she meets many people, and soon, the rumor of the Sairen makes it to her ears, what will she think? Has she know that people have heard her sing?

What is this strange girl's real name and what is she capable of? Will the village find out about her little secret, or is it even important? No one knows. But, they're sure hell bent to find out!

I've been wanting to read a Naruto fanfic where the OC sings a lot. It may be stated in the OC's team introduction that they like singing, but it's actually not something they do on a regular basis or at all. So this makes me happy. In case you didn't know I enjoy singing c:
Wow, I thought it was Kakashi... I didn't think the third read such things...
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sooooooooooo the name cliff hanger thingy adds suspence (says in a monotone voice)