Our Strange Love

Our Strange Love

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Lena M. By Lena-Presents Completed

【#76 in Romance on 5/20/16】

Seventeen year old Riley is what some call a troubled teen.

At twenty-four, Eran has the habit of scolding any kid getting into trouble.

From the moment they first lock eyes, everything changes. With every word, every action, and every glance, they catch each other off guard. There is something different about Riley that Eran frustratingly doesn't know how to handle. And there is something about Eran that has playful Riley completely hooked. 

But will the ghosts of their past tear them apart? Or is it their fears of the future that will destroy them? 

(A/N: Constructive criticism appreciated~)

I'm curious enough to where I'm going to think about this too much
tunalicious tunalicious Apr 04
The way I found this story was because I was searching for bxb stories. I put the bxb tag and I got this
Versus16 Versus16 Nov 06
I came across this story because of Wattpad's recommendation for bxb books. I'm loving the story and it gives me Stardust vibes by spiderwebbed, an amazing boyxboy here in Wattpad. I was trying to find that feeling again and somehow this book has it. I'm attached to the words :).
It was in a reading list wattpad made for me. Like... 'because your read _________ '
yoongisavage yoongisavage 5 days ago
omg I thought I was the only person doing that, it makes so much more sense
Dash_away Dash_away Aug 10
So according to the strangers I asked on omegle the answer is yes