Just Our Love Story? (Gay Stories) *On Hold*

Just Our Love Story? (Gay Stories) *On Hold*

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Skye By Sirama218 Updated Apr 04

It's Red's first time down the mountain, but what if he's been down it longer than Green thinks? What if Green wasn't the first person he saw? How will Green take this and will Red be able to manage living in society again or will he fly back up to the mountain to live the remainder of his life in isolation? 

The story is actually better than the description so if your willing you should give it a try. The contents may not be as simple as they appear.

Warnings: bad stuff happen to the characters, I don't want to go into specifics as it may ruin it. There may, or may not, be kidnapping, character death, torture, etc. Enjoy ^-^

It's rated M, yaoi. First Fanfic and letting you know, if you don't know GreenxRed, it's boyxboy Pokemon Game-Verse. There's also the preciousmetal shipping in here, AKA GoldxSilver.

* by the title means it has been edited

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MrNeebah MrNeebah Oct 03, 2017
I see oi so often on stories, and  I still have no idea  how it's  pronounced.
Sirama218 Sirama218 Jan 29
So... I’m just gonna put it cuz surprisingly no one ever caught it... his was my own little internal joke. Red is game-verse version of Ash Ketchum... Ketchum... Ketchup... yea Ik, not my best moment but... eh :3
Mistyymoon Mistyymoon Apr 12, 2017
Wait when did Red become like my friend? Not only does she eat basically everything with ketchup, she straight up ate plain ketchup once!
That's amaizing.Do you think that is experience from infiltrating the Team Rocket's hidden base?
Tealena Tealena Sep 15, 2016
Omg 😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😎👍❤️✨😆✨
pmonjj02 pmonjj02 May 15, 2015
Best fanfic I read so far. All the others rush it to fast while this one keeps you on your heels.❤️x