Life Changes //  [love story]

Life Changes // [love story]

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love story By lovestoriesaremylyfe Updated Apr 25, 2016

Gianna was the type of girl who was insecure about herself. She thought everyone judged her for her appearance. She thought she was ugly, fat, and worthless. But who knew one day could change her whole life. It all changes when she meets this one boy. This specific boy made her feel like a princess and forget about all the rude people in her life. She could actually be herself around this boy and not get judged. No matter what Gianna looked like or acted like, he saw her as perfection. It felt nice to get that attention from someone. But, she was still hung up on her current boyfriend. The more she hung out with the other boy, she started to develop feelings. Eventually, they fell for each other..and that's when the tables turned.

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