Out of My Limit (Percabeth AU)

Out of My Limit (Percabeth AU)

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Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have been best friends since they were 10. Little did Annabeth know that Percy had a growing crush on her.

But one day, when Percy and Annabeth were 14, Percy had to move away to London. Now 16, he is coming back!

So will Annabeth realize her feelings for Percy? Or will she ignore them? Will they become friends again? Or did they grow apart over those two years? Read to find out!

This story is inspired by 'Out of My Limit' by 5 Seconds of Summer!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters in this story unless I say otherwise! They belong to Rick Riordan!

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My friend is the one that has crushes so I'm standing there awkwardly when she tries to make him notice her
Percy watch your tounge thats your mom your talking to save the yelling for Gaea
LIES!!! zues please don't hurt the author. they didn't mean it. i swear.
Yonausdi1 Yonausdi1 Sep 12
Don't worry dad! Don't drown the author please! It's just a story! The author completely believes in you gods!
Wow. I understand, that this may be a confusing time for you, so I'll let this slide. But if you do this again, I will go daughter of Hecate on you!! #deathbymagic
                              Seriously though, thanks for writing a percabeth fanfic, love them! 💙
That's soo me 
                              Friend :"can you come over today?"
                              Me:"I have to ask my mom"