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~Book One of the Changelings Trilogy~

Being different isn't so bad. In fact, for me, it's great! After all, who wouldn't want to be able to breathe fire and fly? But life isn't all peaches and cream these days, what with a bunch of creepy, scaly, shapeshifting goons attacking my house, my long lost brother suddenly showing up, and me finding out my best friend is... not who I thought she was. So when I decided to move to Chicago, to become the hero I always dreamed about when I was younger, and also, to find some answers, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I didn't know I would be attacked. I didn't know I would find others like me. I didn't know I would find... love.
But then, life's like that. You just never know.

Especially not when you can turn into a dragon.

***author's note***

First of all, I started this book on word, which is why the first few chapters look so small. They looked bigger on a normal-sized piece of paper. 8/

Second, some of the places and a couple of the people are actually real, and are places I lived at one time or another, and one or two of the people are people I met. If those people ever read this, please know that I am not going to show you in a bad light,(although I will probably change your name) so please do not be upset! You will be heroes! and millionaires! (or at least one of you will.)

Thank you for bearing with my stupidity!

Highest known ranking: #62 in Fantasy

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ChronicGlobetrotter ChronicGlobetrotter Jun 10, 2017
I like this, something about makes me almost breathless. All the movement, perhaps.
HyrannoCraftGaming HyrannoCraftGaming Sep 28, 2017
i can sort of relate to the pain bit (when i was younger i got so sick that my stomach would reject most foods, so for like a year i could only eat rice cakes and gelatin with medicine and flavoring in it, and the pain i felt was what i imagine getting run over by a car(specifficly on my abdomine)
Rian_Doty Rian_Doty Mar 14
J  (o.o ) ooo... a hook.
                              J  ( ._.) hmmm...
                              J  (._. ) eh...
                              J-(:-: )  Take me wonderful hook.
melodie1698 melodie1698 Jan 07, 2017
How do you know what that tastes like? Do you eat pennies or something? 😂😂😂
G_A_B_B_Y_01 G_A_B_B_Y_01 Jan 17, 2017
I ussaly start my stories while they were eight.... Not on wattpad sorry to say😃 put nice😄
Pennator Pennator May 13, 2016
A good first chapter. A bit short but that is usually expected at this stage of a book. Look forward to reading more.