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kewk123 By kewk123 Completed

Alex is not shy, she's simply following her rules to hide in the background of life in general. Or at least she's doing her best to be 'at the fardest end of the social spectrum'

Strictly reserved to her own things that vary from music to... pretty much anything related to that, Alex lives the normal life of a highschool student who doesn't wish to engage in deep conversations with no one. Not even her family even though ocassionaly she has to.

One day around the middle of the school year, she coicidentially (yeah right. I wrote it :D) is asked by a new beautiful girl the simple favor of helping her find the exit of the school building. Of course, you could expect her to try to avoid her, wouldn't you?


So this is the new story guys! So excited.

Kewk :3

P.S. I don't own any of the songs that I use in this book, they're just for the sake of the storyline as I really enjoy music very much and I wish for it to be included in my books.

When I hear there's a girl around the neighborhood and around my age
                              I'm not passing up the opportunity to be friends
That's how this book is going to end... I'm calling it... I got 20 bucks on it
SailorBabee SailorBabee Mar 22
I feel bad for laughing as hard as I did but it was so funny.
How are you goin'a pronounce that Zoe with something 2 periods at the top?
rarelydope rarelydope Apr 07
I can make instant cup noodles..Yeah, that's definitely cooking.
I dont stare at anyones eye while  were talking except if Im comfortable with you and youre my bestfriend 😗