Runaway teen

Runaway teen

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High Hopes & Dreams By High_Hopes_and_Dream Completed

"She's my step-sister and she's like a sister to Alpha Vincent." James said making me smile. I sat down and saw Vincent and James shift into beautiful wolves. Vincent was a light brown wolf with red streaks, James was a gray wolf with bits of white on them. "Wow" I said. I hope they brought clothes since there previous ones are shredded to bits. Natalie laughed out. "Umm, guys did you bring extra clothes since those ones aren't worthy of being worn anymore." I said stifling my laughter. Their eyes popped out of their head at the thought of going home nude, I couldn't hold it back anymore, I was back in the same position laughing my head off with Natalie laughing my my head.

"Ethan, please go get them some shorts." Marcus said smiling at their stupidity. I took off my hoodie and wrapped it around my waist because of the heat. James and Vincent stared at my shoulders, I looked down to see nothing there and was confused for a minute and then it clicked that my wounds had healed completely. I lifted my top slightly to see that there was a faint scar of the burn, I smiled at the thought of no more pain.

I looked up to see the wolves were gone. "You have a lot of explaining to do young lady." I turned around to see Vincent and James with only shorts on. "I don't know what you mean?" I said innocently. I looked around to see Ethan gone. "We mean how did your wounds heal so quickly?" Vincent replied. "Well to get an answer you will have to catch me first." I said running off letting my wolf take over once again, Natalie shifts into my wolf and takes off.

My name is Raven and I am 16 years old, ever since I was 13 I have been badly assaulted by my step-mother while my dad attends his business trips. My mother died when I was 13, I have brown long hair and light blue eyes with pale skin.

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