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Take me to church

Take me to church

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Your mum. By Awonderwallofmystery Completed

A boy raised around religion and the discounts for sin, Phil Lester is defiantly not one to go around looking for trouble.

With his father being the vicar of their local church, Phil has a lot to live up to and has to keep his reputation high if he's to be accepted. 

He doesn't do parties or drinking; the thought of sex alone is enough to terrify him. 
So it's no wonder that when Dan Howell, a boy who embraces the life of parties and rebellious acts, gets forced to join the church program, Phil starts having trouble keeping himself sane as he tries to teach Dan the path to God. 

But religion isn't the thing on Dans mind and he seems to find himself a new toy to play with. 

[warning: this does contain violence and mature content (as shown) and there's a lot on the topic of homosexuality and negative views towards it from characters in the story. Please read on with care <3]

You know your so far away from being holy when you don't know what viscar means, I can't be saved
alyssaisnotasleep alyssaisnotasleep 6 days ago
i'm christian and i could gladly write a five page essay on why this is false
SHINADO5 SHINADO5 3 days ago
I only just realized that I was holding my breath untol I got to the comments.😂
bookgirl1992 bookgirl1992 3 days ago
I'm christian and when we had religion class we leard sins for 6th god rule(I think that's how you say it in english) teacher mentioned homosexuality and I was like what the frick. Then he told us that church doesn't judge people but the "work of it".
imfallingaway imfallingaway 2 days ago
This is my fave!! I lost count how many times I've reread this
SHINADO5 SHINADO5 5 days ago
I go to church all the time thats NOTa sin. oh yea its fiction srry