Tempted (erotic) (#4, 101 Nights)

Tempted (erotic) (#4, 101 Nights)

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Lizzy Ford By LizzyFord Completed

Not only has Alisha’s best friend in the world disappeared, but any luck she’s ever had has just run out. She’s a hacker - and a darn good one. She was one of the best in the world, until she crossed two people that she shouldn't have. Now, one of them wants her dead.

The other makes her blood race and scrambles her ability to think - even after he destroys any hope she has of finding her friend Natalie on her own. 

Unfortunately, that leaves them in a very awkward place. George needs Alisha’s help to find Natalie, and she needs his to stay alive long enough to track Natalie down. Sexy, possessive, dangerous, irritatingly brilliant and completely emotionally unavailable, George is every nerdy girl's dream. 

There's no real choice, if Alisha want to save Natalie. She has to trust him, at least for now, and he's not about to let her out of his sight.

Written under my pen name, SE Reign.

  • billionaire
  • contemporary
  • suspense
rachiex0x rachiex0x 6 days ago
I’m so gutted these have gone to Alisha and George’s pov 😭
_who_knew_ _who_knew_ May 19, 2016
I just noticed that SE Reign sounds a lot like sireine--mermaid in french. If intentional, it's very pretty and clever @LizzyFord
EmbersStartFires EmbersStartFires Jan 02, 2017
I think that this tends to be a British male thing... both my brother and father use cloth handkerchiefs and so did my ex boyfriend
MalikahJustbeingmeMi MalikahJustbeingmeMi May 10, 2016
Does anyone know where all the chapters are on the first and second book and third book I'm so confused I'm only really like one through seven chapters and that's it so please help me
golden_galaxy golden_galaxy Mar 25, 2016
It's all Alisha's fault that Layla was found!!! 😡 and now Layla and Nat are in danger
lydiabina lydiabina Sep 17, 2016
I remember Elijah saying something along those lines to Natalie