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Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

294K Reads 17.1K Votes 9 Part Story
Jessica By AvaViolet Updated Oct 12, 2016

Rule 1: Trust no one
Rule 2: NEVER hesitate, especially when it comes to killing Rotters
Rule 3: Trust no one
Rule 4: Your survival backpack stays on you at all times
Rule 5: Trust no one
Rule 6: Always carry more than one gun
Rule 7: Make sure your guns are loaded at all times

18 year old Camille Fiero is a survivor. She's been on her own since she was 14 and does what she needs to do in order for her and her adopted 4 year old daughter to survive. 

Five years ago, there was a cataclysmic event called the Explosion, that left almost everyone
on earth dead. A majority of those that didn't die turned into Rotters: zombie like, deaf, dumb, and slightly blind rotting blood-thirsters who use their advanced sense of smell and speed to hunt their prey: us. 

It's simple, see a Rotter, don't get bitten, shove a bullet in its brain, decapitate it, you live.

Camille has been living a strict lifestyle, being forced to toughen up and harden herself to others. When fate forces her to cross paths with arrogant, tough, alluring Caiden Pierce, she finds herself trying harder than usual to keep up her tough façade. She's stuck grasping onto everything she knows about surviving when Caiden bulldozes his way into her life, and possibly even into her heart.

In England there illegal I think which is bad cause what if we do get an apocalypse one day ? Theres no proof that we won't really. Its never happened before and there's always a beginning.
NadaTW NadaTW Apr 12
Is it just me or I get REALLY annoyed when people don't use the correct punctuation? Or worse don't use them AT ALL!
tikdoltok tikdoltok Jun 07
You should always have one, even irl (obviously different essentials).
tikdoltok tikdoltok Jun 07
At first I thought it was a cheesy name for zombies but I get it now.
It wasn't necessary to write " Trust no one" so many times 
                              We understood what you met
You have some trust issues man or you are addicted to that phase?!