Hetalia x Male! Reader

Hetalia x Male! Reader

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trash By Finniecatsvm Updated Oct 11, 2015

Just a bunch of random Hetalia x Reader shat~

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                              HORA NE
                              WHY DO I KNOW THE LYROCS TO THE BOKU NO PICO THEME
                              WHAT IS MY LIFE
                              THIS IS A GOOD STORY, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
                              *Satan's child comes and flies me out of the room*
Whyyyyyyy do I have to have pink hair and a pink tail CX (I drew my OC with pink hair and a pink tail with pink ears with purple eyes and fair skin and a navy blue shirt and some baggy jeans but now I regret my decision XD)
Jibooty112 Jibooty112 Jun 22
Anxiety sucks. I have attacks so often, I don't even realize it anymore.
                              Alexander (My OC I'm using as the reader): please mr Japan 
                              Japan: No, come arong
I realised...
                              I am also an Asian since I am Malaysian (hold up that rhymes)
KawaiiKitty04 KawaiiKitty04 Feb 01, 2016
I understand (y/n) but not any of the others what do they stand for?