Adopted by Markiplier! || 11 year old (HIATUS)

Adopted by Markiplier! || 11 year old (HIATUS)

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Art and Cover by Me.

After realizing that it was going to be a while before he got married, Mark decided that he wanted to adopt a child.
A girl to be exact. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for, but as soon as she saw her at the orphanage, he knew.
Only 11 years old, still a 7th grader. Mark wanted to watch his adopted daughter grow up, but didn't want to change any diapers in the process.

Leilah; she had never liked the orphans at the orphanage. Didn't help it was an all girls orphanage, too. 
They would always boss her around, and make her do terrible things that would always get her in trouble. She's always pushed to the back of the line when adoption day rolls around; always last to be interviewed. But today, her whole entire world, was going to be turned upside down.

Just because people call you daddy doesn't mean you would be a good dad.
Nothing is free. Basically she is doing child labor with the other kids
Pffffttttt Mark your negative twenty seven! Your fineeeee...
                              -checks her history and sees that she was the one who posted that Mark was a pedo on the roast video-
                              That explains everything then.
- - Jun 12
Really? Mark: "Im twenty-Six I hope I dont look old!" Me: BISH YOU ARE A FREAKING BABY FACE ( a hot one at that though so carry on)
I have red hair and act like I'm five. Everyone will think I look really old.