Catch Me Before I Fall (A Phanfiction)

Catch Me Before I Fall (A Phanfiction)

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So we are just two girls, and we love reading Phanfics so we decided to give it a shot! Hope you like it :)

"Catch Me Before I Fall" is about two boys just trying to figure their lives out
Dan: A 17 year old, new kid at school and very troubled. He is often targeted by bullies and doesn't speak to many people. There's a part of him that even he isn't sure about and tries his best to hide that part

Phil: 17 years old, openly gay, has two good friends and his kind to everyone. Despite being gay Phil doesn't get bullied, but that doesn't mean that everything in his life is well, he has secrets at home. 

Warning: Does contain self harm and violence and suicide thoughts!

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At my school we can't stand up for ourselves. The principal said all we can do is move out of the way
this is v creepy i used to have a friend named zoe and her brother's name is peter
DestinyPearl8 DestinyPearl8 Jun 19, 2016
Listen bitćh be thankful that your mom cares for you....... sorry
AllDaUsernamesRGone AllDaUsernamesRGone Nov 19, 2016
Am I the literal only person that first thought of Peter griffin
bemoreevanhamilton bemoreevanhamilton Jul 06, 2016
I wish Peter Pan was the first thing I thought of
                              I thought of Peter Griffin 
                              I've been watching WAY to much Family Guy
                              I mean like 11 seasons in a week and a half..
ImaLoser676 ImaLoser676 Feb 27
I've a phanfiction with a Peter in it that wasn't this one. Saddest fic I ever read.